If you are willing to attend the Joint Meeting of EAAP-MLF & FAO-CIHEAM MP, please fill the form at this link: https://forms.gle/5yzBHMXukDs5PNUR8

You are kindly asked to upload your abstract via this link above and to write a short take-home message about your work. Note that the abstracts should be drawn according to the abstract template attached to this announcement and should not exceed one page, including Title, Authors, Institutions of the authors and the text.

The pre-registration and abstract submission are already open and will close on the  1st March, 2021

We postpone the deadline for registration and abstract submission to Wednesday 7. 4. 2021

For abstract please use next Abstract template:

Please, use ‘abstract template.docx’ file to prepare your abstract and upload it in MS Word format (please, note that only .doc, .docx files can be uploaded) at this link: https://forms.gle/5yzBHMXukDs5PNUR8. Name the file with the name of the first author, followed by session number (e.g. Smith-session2.docx).

Extended abstract title. Times New Roman font size 14

Authors first, middle and family name. Times New Roman font size 12, italic.

Key words:

Introduction: Please provide a short introduction to the background for your work. References may be included in the text like this: (Ricardo et al., 2017) but there is no room for a reference list in the extended abstract. Please prepare a full reference list if readers are interested at the meeting. The introduction should end with the aim of the study and/or defined hypotheses for your paper. Use Times New Roman font size 11 in main text. Line space should be size 1.15 throughout the text.

Materials and methods: Please provide a short description of the materials and methods that form the basis of your study. If you present a literature review, please describe the data gathering process and the sources you have used.

Results: Please provide the main results from your study. Results may be presented as a short table or figure if you find it informative, but please remember that you only have the space of one page, within the set line limits in this template. If results are presented with the use of tables or figures the legends should be self-explanatory. Table or figure legends should be Times New Roman font size 10.

Conclusion: Please provide a short conclusion from your study.