The meeting will be held in Bled, Slovenia. It will last three days, providing a forum for scientific and technical exchanges and a one-day field trip.

The scientific sessions will be structured on five topics with a concluding session. They will consist of conferences presented by keynote guest speakers and free contributions as oral presentations and posters. Meeting sessions will consider the following topics:

  1. Farming systems and global change
  2. Precision mountain farming and smart agriculture
  3. Product quality and value chains
  4. Management options for ecosystem services
  5. Conflicting priorities in mountain areas: wild animals, natural resources and human needs

We kindly invite scholars from all over Europe to submit an extended abstract of one page and present at the meeting their work on the five topics above. The working language of the meeting will be English.

A book of abstracts collecting all the abstracts accepted by the scientific committee will be available at the meeting and on the website of the conference.